Professional Services

Design, Installation, Configuration & Training

Let Remote Control experts get you collaborating quickly and improve the quality of your communication experience. To quote one of our associates: "Most video experts don't understand the network, and most network experts don't understand video." Remote Control is expert at both.

Managed Videoconferencing

Need an experienced professional to manage your systems end-to-end? We can help, including security, recording, camera management, conference moderators, and more.

Streaming and Podcasting Services

Focus on your message, not the medium to deliver it. We'll handle all aspects of configuring and managing your streaming sources, encoding, recording and broadcast/delivery.

Production Editing

If you've recorded a video or audio session, you want future audiences to get the best possible experience when they see or hear it. Our seasoned industry veterans will produce a broadcast-quality edit of your session and make it available electronically and/or on DVD or other media.